Why The Smart Fit Method

High-efficiency, low-impact, super-safe personal training sessions

Rapid results, minimal gym time, maximum gain

Build muscle, maximize recovery, lose fat

State-of-the-art fitness technology and facilities

Evidence-based approach. You’ll see the improvements and feel the benefits.

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Totally safe. Pain free and strain free

The Smart Fit Method

The Smart Fit Method is science-based fitness. It combines exercise robotics and Artificial Intelligence for a perfect, personalized training session. No plateaus. Just progress.
It only takes one 20-minute session on each device per week.
Get outstanding results in just one hour a week.

SMART Big 3/ Big 5

  • 94% more efficient than weights
  • Applies the perfect amount of adaptive resistance and range of motion
  • Real-time feedback on every rep
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  • The most efficient cardio workout possible
  • Artificial Intelligence algorithms dynamically optimize resistance
  • The same benefits of a 45-minute jog in under 10-minutes, with only
    40-seconds of hard pedaling
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  • Increase strength and endurance, and accelerate injury recovery
  • Lose weight, increase metabolism, optimize hormone balance and improve sleep
  • Cooling technology = no soreness
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SMART Body Scan

  • Digitally maps millions of data points in under 90 seconds
  • Biometric scan provides precise measurements of body fat, muscle mass, postural alignment and dozens of other data points
  • Reports uploaded to your Smart Fit App so you can track progress and overall health improvements
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“This is a way to get a lot more signals to my body that say ‘grow’ in a lot less time.”

Dave Asprey

Founder, Bulletproof

Founder, Upgrade Labs

“As an Olympic gold medalist and runner, the absolute worst for me is the dreaded “BIKE.” I have come across just about every training modality. None are as effective as CAROL.”

Mark McCoy

Olympic Gold Medalist - Hurdles

“I get the benefit of two
hours of intense exercise in just 21 minutes of low
impact workout.”

Tony Robbins

Author / Entrepreneur / Philanthropist

The Smart Fit App

App is free for every member

  • Track your progress, stay motivated and engaged.
  • See precisely where improvements are made and which goals you achieved.
  • Book your next session.
  • Efficient, effective fitness. Just set your goals.
  • AI-enabled exercise technology maps each session precisely to your ability and goals – mobility, weight loss, strength building, injury recovery.
  • Smart Fit provides evidence-based solutions to improve health and fitness without wasting your valuable time.

What Our Clients Say

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